Tasker automation apps given SMS, Call Log permissions again


Last week, we reported Tasker was ineligible for some permissions after the Play Store update. It was unfortunate for some mobile apps because it disabled a number of functions and features and for some, the whole app. Google has officially announced restrictions on permission as a way to protect the privacy of the users. All the developers need to do is follow some rules and regulations so they can have access to permissions relating to SMS and the Call Log.

We’re happy at least Google is thinking of the security of Android users by limiting access to default handlers. If an app developer wants his app to have the same kind of access, then they need to discuss with Google devs and seek permission.

Sadly, the tech giant doesn’t always give permissions. There are a number of rejected apps already like Tasker. The app has a premium version which meant those who paid for the features would not be able to take advantage of them.

Google is believed to have expanded the exceptions now. Some task automation apps can now fully function and will be allowed to use permissions including those that are related to spam detection, enterprise archival, caller ID, and connected device companions.

“Task automation” is now an exempted category of apps as per the updated Google Play policy page. This is good news for “Tasker” users and fans because SMS and Call Log permissions are allowed again. We’ll see if other similar apps will also be allowed.


via Android Community

November 18, 2018 at 10:29PM