Taboola signs deal with ZTE to bring news to their Android devices


If you own a ZTE smartphone and you’ve thought to yourself, “Hmmm, I probably need more news on my device especially when I’m in the locked screen mode” then your prayers have been answered. The OEM has signed a deal with Taboola, a news discovery platform, to “power content discovery” on their Android devices. This basically means you’ll have easy access to news from partner publishers like Huffington Post and USA Today and personalized according to the topics that you’re interested in.

Taboola has a deal with news publishers where they get a certain percentage of their ad revenue if they include their links in their recommendation platforms. Under this partnership, ZTE will also get a cut in that revenue by allowing Taboola to pre-install the module on their smartphones. Eventually, publishers will also be able to pay to have their links included in an automatic bidding system, if they don’t already have an existing partnership with the platform,

Considered a search engine in reveres, Taboola prides itself in creating a personalized algorithm for each user, sending them links that they think the reader would be interested in. There is no separate app for this, so the links will appear on the smartphone’s locked screen and if a user is interested, they will be redirected to the publisher’s website. There will also be a future companion module that will show recommended articles when they swipe right.

While most people probably get their news from social networks or apps, a growing disenchantment with the latter and also a flagging interest in the latter means there may be room for new ways of getting access to relevant articles and publishers also have a new way of reaching readers. Taboola is hoping this will pave the way for them to reach deals with other Android smartphone makers.

SOURCE: Taboola

via Android Community

April 5, 2018 at 02:09AM