T-Mobile testing out a 36-month installment plan for Galaxy Note 9


With a lot of flagship devices becoming a little more expensive than usual nowadays, it wouldn’t hurt to actually offer more installment payment option plans to users. That’s what “un-carrier” T-Mobile seems to be doing as some users have spotted that a 36-month installment plan is being offered as an option for the Galaxy Note 9. This is probably still in the beta testing phase as not everyone can see the option or if they could, it wasn’t available on any device.

Someone sent screencaps showing that when they viewed the Galaxy Note 9 on the T-Mobile website, there was an option to pay at just $24.17 per month for the next 36 months. While the new flagship phablet from Samsung costs “only” $870 if you pay for it in full, it’s still pretty steep for some and having 36 months to pay for it would make it more attractive of course. A lot of flagship devices are already in that range, with some close to and even surpassing the $1,000 mark.

Getting 36 months to pay for an almost $1,000 device is a pretty good idea. It’s a win-win situation for both T-Mobile and the consumer as the latter will get to pay a smaller amount per month since it’s spread out into three years. And it would not hurt for the carrier to get the customer for an extra 12 months since they won’t leave of course before they’ve finished paying for the device.

There is no official announcement from T-Mobile just yet so they may still be in the testing phase, letting selected users see it on chosen devices as well. Some are seeing the 36-month option but it doesn’t seem to be applicable to any other device.

We’ll have to wait for T-Mobile to make it official and make no mistake, they are probably going to make a big deal out of it as the un-carrier is known to have splashy marketing and advertising campaigns, some to even make fun of their competition.


via Android Community

October 16, 2018 at 02:16PM