Surprise your friends by making unique ringtones with the Ringtone Robbery app


When you call your family or friends on your phone, they usually hear a ringtone beforehand that they have selected. However, what if you could call your phone contacts and surprise them by creating a special, customized ringtone that they will hear before they answer your call? That’s the premise of a new and entertaining app called Ringtone Robbery.

After you download and install Ringtone Robbery from the Google Play Store, you will need to choose which contacts on your phone you want to send these custom ringtones. After that, those contacts will need to download and install Ringtone Robbery on their phone. Once your contacts have downloaded the app, you can open the same app on your phone and select a ringtone you want to use for each contact. You can also use the app’s editing tool to quickly cut, loop and create a ringtone from any stored song or audio recording in your phone’s collection. You can even create a new voice message to send as a ringtone to your family or friends from within the app.

After that, just call your friends or family members and they will hear the special ringtone you have created just for them, and it’s likely they will be shocked, surprised and delighted at your creativity.

As an extra special bonus feature, the Ringtone Robbery app includes a Reaction Camera option. It will begin recording your friend when he or she hears the unique ringtone you have made, and it stops recording when they actually answer your phone call. They can then send the recorded video back to you so you can see their reaction. You can control whether or not you want this feature enabled, and the receiver’s phone is the place where the actual Reaction Camera video is stored, for privacy.

Currently Ringtone Robbery is available only from Android to Android devices.

Ringtone Robbery is available to download and use for free now, and users can make up to three ringtone changes on the app for free every 24 hours. If you share the app with four of your contacts, and they then install the app and register with a special referral code, you will get one extra free ringtone change per day, for a total of 4 ringtone changes every 24 hours. However, you can get an unlimited number of ringtone changes if you make a one-time, in-app payment of $1.99. This premium service also lets your block any of your Ringtone Robbery contacts from changing the ringtone on your phone, either permanently or temporarily. You can download the app now from the Google Play Store. You can also keep up with new developments on the app by checking in with Ringtone Robbery on Instagram.

via Android Authority

September 4, 2018 at 05:15AM