Super Mario Run getting price smashed to celebrate Super Mario day


Super Mario Run will be reduced to $4.99 in celebration of the Nintendo star’s upcoming special day. From March 10 (or MAR10) until March 25 the full version of the title will be 50%-off at Google Play.

The auto-runner / platforming title was well-received by critics when it was released in March last year. However, the mobile market, where free-to-play games dominate and almost anything with a price tag sells less, proved tough for the plumber. The game fell short of Nintendo sales expectations—despite that it had been downloaded more than 20,000,000 times when the news broke (it’s free to play for the first few levels only).

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The slack was picked up by the far more lucrative (and free-to-play) Fire Emblem Heroes, which is said to have earned Nintendo five times more revenue than Mario Run. Nintendo isn’t doing bad in the home console market right now, either. 

Though it’s still comparatively expensive when looking at the typical cost of games in the Play Store (nothing), perhaps $4.99 will be a good enough deal to attract a few more Mario Run conversions. If you’re interested, pick it up via the link below. 

via Android Authority

March 9, 2018 at 06:55AM