Super-exclusive LG V35 Signature Edition said to launch next month for around $1,790


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  • LG is reportedly planning to release a $1,790 version of the LG V35 ThinQ this August.
  • The phone is expected to have some design and spec upgrades when compared to the regular V35 ThinQ.
  • Back in December 2017, LG released the V30 Signature Edition which was limited to 300 units.

LG will reportedly launch a super-exclusive version of its LG V35 ThinQ flagship phone next month. According to Asiae (translated version), the phone will be part of LG’s Signature range of electronics and will cost around 2 million won (~$1,790).

To justify the higher price tag, Asiae says the phone will have 256GB storage — significantly more than the 64GB storage found on the regular LG V35 ThinQ — and a special, scratch-resistant body. This could be similar to the ceramic one found on the LG V30 Signature Edition that was released in December, 2017.

Other than these changes, the outlet expects it to be the same as the standard V35 ThinQ, so expect to see a 6-inch OLED display, Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB RAM, and dual rear cameras.

Last year’s LG V30 Signature Edition was only sold in Korea and was limited to around 300 devices, with all of the available devices sold out during pre-orders. If LG does go ahead and release a V35 Signature Edition phone, it will presumably be similarly exclusive.

Rather than trying to make money from its Signature Edition models — after all, the last phone was available in limited numbers — the report suggests that LG hopes to raise the value of its brand.

LG is not the only company to have released a premium version of one of its flagship phones. Huawei recently released the Mate RS Porsche Design, while Oppo has revealed a Lamborghini version of its new Find X.

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via Android Authority

July 27, 2018 at 03:05AM