Star Trek Fleet Command warps us into the Kelvin timeline Nov. 29; pre-register now


  • Star Trek Fleet Command has been announced for Android and iOS.
  • The game, which takes place in the movies set in the Kelvin timeline, combines strategy and RPG elements.
  • You can pre-register for the game before it launches on Nov. 29.

If you have been looking for a Star Trek mobile game that features characters and settings from the three “Kelvin timeline” feature films, your wish is about to come true very soon. Star Trek Fleet Command will warp its way to both Android and iOS on Nov. 29.

In case you’re not a Trekkie, the “Kelvin timeline” refers to the setting of the three most recent Star Trek feature films (2009’s Star Trek, 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness and 2016’s Star Trek Beyond). These three films rebooted the original TV show’s cast and settings with new actors, along with new storylines. Most of the Star Trek mobile games which have been released so far do not feature the Kelvin timeline version of the Trek universe, so this game is pretty unique just for that difference.

Developed by DIGIT Game Studios and published by Scopely and CBS Interactive, Star Trek Fleet Command is described as a free-to-play space-based strategy game with RPG elements. Your player character is in charge of a starbase on the borders of Federation, Klingon, and Romulan space. Your goal is to collect, build, and upgrade ships from all three factions — including the U.S.S. Enterprise — which patrol the galaxy and defend the races against threats. You also must work to assist local star systems and more in hundreds of available missions.

Along the way, you will encounter the most famous characters in the Kelvin Star Trek universe, such as Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, and even villains like the Romulan renegade Nero. You can recruit them to join your fleet as each will have their own unique traits and abilities. The game will also have multiplayer features so you can work with — or fight against — thousands of other players at once. You will also find new technology and resources which you can use to upgrade your starbase and ships.

You can go ahead and pre-register for Star Trek Fleet Command at the Google Play Store, so you can be put on red alert when the game officially launches in a few weeks. You will also get some in-game bonuses when you pre-register, including immediate access to the “Cadet Kirk” character. Will you be beaming on board to play Star Trek Fleet Command?

via Android Authority

November 2, 2018 at 10:48AM