Spotify sends warning email to users with “modified” apps


Spotify users on the free tier are mostly satisfied with what they have, which includes advertisements slipping into their music every once in a while, limited skips, and some albums that can be played in shuffle mode only. Okay maybe they’re not that satisfied with that, so the option would be to either become a paid subscriber or get one of those “modified” or hacked apps that will get rid of those free tier restrictions. But now Spotify is sending a warning email to those using said hacks, identified as “abnormal activity”.

Basically, the email states that they have detected some abnormal activity on the app so they have disabled your access to it. While your Spotify account per se is still safe, the app that you’re using, if it’s been modified in any way, will be disabled. If you want to access your account again, you will have to uninstall the unauthorized version and then reinstall the official app from the Google Play Store.

And if that isn’t enough warning, the email also says that if they continue to detect the use of these unauthorized apps, then they reserve all the rights to suspend or terminate your account. Now if you think this is a mistake and that you have never used a modified app, you can of course appeal any action taken against your account. However, if you received the email chances are you did use a modified app, so now it’s up to you whether to heed the warning or not.

Just a few days ago, Spotify sent Github a request to take down the popular Spotify mod called Dogfood from their repository. Even XDA has received a DMCA notice from the streaming site, requiring the removal of links and the entire thread on various Spotify forks have been taken down.

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via Android Community

March 6, 2018 at 02:44AM