Some Google services are also now being blocked in Russia


While Telegram is not giving in to the Russian government’s demands and is doing their “Digital Resistance” bit, it looks like Russian regulator Roskomnadzor (RKN) is trying to hit the company in a round-about way: by hurting its cloud partners. Google has confirmed that some of its products like Gmail and Search are currently not accessible for some of the users in Russia and that they are still investigating the reports. This is not really surprising as Russia is one of the countries that enforce digital firewalls.

If you’re not yet aware, Telegram has been battling RKN as the latter is demanding that the former comply with their national law by giving the government access to encryption keys so they can access messages if the need arises. Obviously Telegram, which prides itself in its end-to-end encryption refused to do so and so now, Russia is blocking almost 18 million IP addresses in order to eventually block the service, since Telegram has a technique of hopping to a new IP address when the current one is blocked.

Caught in this game of digital chicken is apparently some of the other services that use Google Cloud and Amazon’s AWS, like Twitch and Spotify. So far, its partners have not caved in but now that they’re going after Google’s own services, we may see the tech giant asking Telegram to stop with the hopping, just like what happened with a smaller app called Zello (which apparently has now been restored).

Telegram founder Pavel Durov has been adamant that they will not give in to RKN’s demand and says that Russia won’t be able to block the Internet forever. He also notes that the World Cup is just a couple of months away and it would not be good for their image and for tourism in general if visitors find out that Google won’t work there.

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April 23, 2018 at 03:20AM