Snapchat now lets 16 people do group video chat


If you want to spend quality time with friends but everyone is far away from each other, you can still do so through social and messaging apps. But when chatting is not enough for some of you, the next best thing would be to do a group video chat. You can now do that through Snapchat if most of you are there anyway. Snapchat says they want it to be more like hanging out with friends rather than just texting.

When you’re in a Group Chat, tap the video camera icon to start video chatting with everyone. However, you can only do so with up to 16 people so if you have more than that in your GC, then you will have to create a new one just to be able to activate the feature. When you start a group video chat, they’ll get a notification that you are inviting them to join and they need to accept to join the chat.

How you participate in the video chat depends on your mood at the moment. You may want to use Lenses the entire time to make it more interesting. You can also just choose to use voice instead of video if you don’t want others to see you for some reason. Or you can just continue to send messages so others can read it while they continue to video chat.

The group video chat feature is rolling out to the Snapchat Android app within this week. You can check the Google Play page to see if it’s already rolled out to you.

SOURCE: Snapchat

via Android Community

April 4, 2018 at 05:37AM