Share your Super Bowl predictions in our weekend comments post!


The kick is up, and it’s good!

There are a few things that are 100% wholly American. One of them is using "American" when you really mean the United States, and another is the Super Bowl. It’s a weekend holiday in almost every way and even if you’re not into American Football you can’t help but see and hear about the teams, the drama, and the commercials.

Once you have all the snacks and beverages purchased, the recliners oiled and ready for action, and your television screen sparkly clean and streak-free, take a minute and say hey in the weekend comments!

I’m not the biggest football fan, and "my" team will be watching the Super Bowl from home just like most of us will be, but I’ll probably be tuned in. I don’t want to miss the spectacle and not have a clue when everyone is talking about what happened come Monday. I even have a friendly wager with my neighbor and will be looking forward to the next snowfall so he can shovel my driveway when the Patriots win by 7.

What’s your line on the game? Will the Patriots find a new way to bend the rules so they win again or will Philly feed on all the excitement and go Hulksmash to win big? And who will have the best commercial? Jump into the comments and talk about it!

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February 3, 2018 at 07:06AM