Samsung unveils its foldable phone called Galaxy Fold, coming April 26


Samsung has put to bed months of rumors surrounding its foldable smartphone and unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Fold. With a 4.6-inch display on the outside and a 7.3-inch unfolding display on the inside, the company has paired the new device with innovative software enhancements to improve the usability. But all this comes at a steep price of $1,980.

Samsung has built the device with durability in mind with a custom-built backbone hinge that holds the foldable display together. This hinge can also be customized in color and can be “folded hundreds of thousands of times” without noticing.


The company has introduced app continuity that will allow the app being used on the external display to be instantly transferred to the internal display for a larger viewing experience. You’re also now able to multitask up to 3 apps at the same time.


Galaxy Fold Specs

  • 4.6-inch exterior display (840 x 1960)
  • 7.3-inch interior display (1536 x 2152)
  • 512GB of Universal Storage 3.0 (eUFS)
  • 7nm processor
  • 12GB of RAM
  • 2 batteries at 4380mAh


The Galaxy Fold will come in 4 colors on April 26 for $1980. There will be both an LTE and 5G version launched and will come bundled with Samsung Dynamic Earbuds.

via Phandroid

February 20, 2019 at 09:50AM