Samsung Twitter gets feisty in mocking the Pixel 3 XL


It seems that brands on Twitter are aiming to become the next Wendy’s given how feisty and sarcastic they’ve become. As one user put it, Samsung is trying to become the Twitter-notorious fastfood chain, but “with a tech spice”. The target of the OEM’s US account for now is Google and its newly-announced Pixel 3 XL and its much derided huge notch. Safe to say, we probably won’t be seeing a notch on a Samsung device anytime soon, given how much grief they’re giving Google over this.

It’s not really new for Samsung to publicly mock their rivals as they have been known to create entire ad campaigns just to make fun of Apple. This time around they’re using Twitter to make some statements about the Pixel 3 XL, mostly replying to Google’s post and even to some of the commenters’ posts as well. Some users though were also making fun of Samsung, given all their issues with their own phones the past few years.

As Google excitedly posted about their new Pixel 3 and started a Twitter Q&A telling people to ask them anything, Samsung Mobile US answered “You could land a plane on it”, referring to either the size of the phone or the giant notch that you can’t ignore. However, given that the Galaxy Note 9 is huge in itself, then they might be pointing out the notch or else they’re unconsciously making fun of themselves too.

When someone commented on another thread that Google copied some things from Samsung, SamsungMobileUS replied that “not everyone is born to lead”. As expected though, the other comments in the thread were all about criticizing the Korean OEM for their software, or rather “bloatware”, although there were also some who agreed with the original comment.

In case you didn’t get it that Samsung really doesn’t like notches, they also tweeted “botch the notch” to reply to another post. So we will probably not see a notch on any Samsung phone, which is probably a good thing right?

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October 11, 2018 at 09:36PM