Samsung to release a more affordable wireless charger


With rumors that Samsung may be bringing wireless charging support to mid-range devices that are not flagship Galaxy phones, it’s no surprise that they are also bringing a more affordable wireless charger to the market. A new accessory with model code EP-P1100 is now listed on the Samsung Netherlands website seems to be just that. However, we still don’t have a clear picture yet of what they’re planning for other non-flagship devices when it comes to wireless charging.

The Samsung Wireless Charger listed in the website has the same specs as the older wireless charging pad but has a more compact design that should also make it easier to bring around if you wanted to. It’s also slimmer at just 11.9mm thick (or rather, thin). It supports Fast Charge and Qi-certified devices and comes with a USB Type-C interface. It supports an input voltage of up to 5V max for normal charge and 9V max for fast charge. For output voltage, it can support up to 10V on fast charge.

It is listed as having a €34.99 price tag on the Dutch Samsung website and that’s considerably cheaper than the current wireless charging pad which is at €59.99. It’s also way more affordable than the recently launched Wireless Charger Duo, although it’s understandable of course why that one is priced at €99.99. You probably won’t buy two or three of those Charger Duos but at least with the new Samsung wireless charger, you have that option because of its price point.

We still have no confirmation if wireless charging will actually come to budget or mid-range phones, but the appearance of this more affordable device indicates that will be the plan. It will be a much welcome development for fans of Samsung that may not have the budget for flagship devices but will most likely buy a reasonably priced one for the sake of wireless charging.

The new wireless charger is not yet available for purchase and we don’t know yet when it will be, but it’s there already on the Dutch website at least so we can expect an announcement anytime soon.

SOURCE: Samsung

via Android Community

October 29, 2018 at 04:07PM