Samsung SeeColors launches to calibrate colors on QLED TV for those with CVD


Those with Color Vision Deficiency will be glad to know Samsung has started to address their needs. We’re not sure if this is the first time a big tech brand is thinking of such need but we’re satisfied with the SeeColors App for QLED TV. This app helps people with CVD to see colors properly with some fixes. It’s not usually a subject most companies think about. Sure, we may look at the display technology, size, or quality but we often forget there are people who don’t see colors properly.

There are color blind people who wish to see things correctly. Colors can still be corrected and with the SeeColors, they can see a world filled with colors. For now, the app works with all QLED TVs. This app adjusts the displays with more accurate colors that are viewed by those with Color Vision Deficiency. All models of Samsung QLED TV can run the SeeColors app to adjust the colors automaticaly and accurately for those with CVD. The idea is those with personal visual deficiencies can diagnose and adjust the color settings on the display. This way, viewing can be done in the correct colors.

Samsung’s Vice President of the Visual Display Business, Hyeongnam Kim, said: “Samsung is committed to making people’s everyday lives smarter and more convenient through technology and innovation. The launch of SeeColors for QLED TV embodies this mission by providing users with a way to address one of the world’s biggest optical challenges through the latest technologies and visual displays.”

For this project, Samsung teamed up with the Head of Department of Mechatronics, Optics and Mechanical Engineering Informatics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. It was Professor Klara Wenzel and her team who wanted to use the C-Test (Colorlite Test) and adopt it on an app. After months of hard work, here’s the result.

This development is important because there are people who have Color Deficiency. There are about 300 million of people with CVD. Some people don’t actually know they have it. With the app, they can know their CVD lebel and type so they can also calibrate the QLED TV screen

Download the SeeColors app from the Smart TV App store. Feel free to install it on the latest premium Galaxy phones and then connect to your QLED TV.

SOURCE: Samsung

via Android Community

November 27, 2017 at 03:08PM