Samsung plays down slow iPhone X sales impact on its revenues


  • A Samsung executive has said the company display business won’t be significantly affected by slow iPhone sales.
  • As one of Apple’s biggest suppliers, Samsung was previously speculated to have as much as $14.3 billion to gain from iPhone X sales.
  • Apple has reportedly halved its iPhone X production aims in light of less-than-expected sales.

Samsung is reportedly unfazed by sluggish iPhone X sales, despite that it stood to make big bucks from unit shipments. The South Korean manufacturer is a key parts supplier for the iPhone X—responsible for producing its curved displays, among other components—but speculation that the phone hasn’t been selling well could cost Samsung dearly.

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Samsung was rumored to have as much as $14.3 billion to gain from iPhone X sales if it hit it shipment expectations, earning its components division more per unit than it would from its own Galaxy S8. However, the company has played down the overall impact of the latest Apple device. Speaking to The Investor, a Samsung executive said: “The company’s (display) business will not be affected much by a certain customer.” While not mentioning Apple by name, it seems clear that this is the company being referred to.

Apple is believed to have halved its production target for the iPhone X to 20 million units—despite that it was the biggest selling smartphone of Q4 2017.

The Samsung executive also said that the company had been “trying to diversify [its] clients and reduce reliance on a certain customer to build a healthy portfolio.” If Samsung has been overly-reliant on Apple’s business in the past, it may not be for much longer.

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February 1, 2018 at 01:33AM