Samsung might be offering custom phone cases soon


If you’ve always wished that your Samsung wallpaper is something that you can actually carry over to your device’s case, then you might get your wish soon. One of the theme designers let it slip that the Korean OEM might be offering a service that would let you order phone cases that would match your favorite theme from the Theme Store. While there are no details yet other than the fact that it might happen, those who own Samsung devices might be pretty excited about the possibilities of having their favorite wallpapers printed on their cases.

Not all Samsung smartphones are created equal of course, so only those from the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy A lines will be able to avail of this service. And they also have to be running on Nougat for some reason. Basically, you will be able to choose the themes and wallpapers that are available from the Theme Store and then have it printed on your custom phone case. There will also supposedly be three slightly modified versions of the wallpaper to choose from.

We don’t know yet if Samsung will be the one to both design and print the custom cases or if they will be sourcing it out to a third-party supplier. We also don’t know if all the themes will be available or just the ones that the designers will allow to be printed. They might also limit this service to key markets only just to make sure they are able to fulfill orders and ship quality products. Having it available everywhere there are Samsung devices might prove to be a logical nightmare eventually, unless they go the third-party route.

But of course all these are just rumors and there is no official word or even evidence that this will eventually happen. It is nice to dream of your favorite wallpaper on your phone cover though.

VIA: SAM Mobile

via Android Community

April 4, 2018 at 01:05PM