Samsung may bring in-display fingerprint sensor first to China


The strongest rumor is that Samsung will be introducing their first in-display fingerprint sensor to next year’s flagship device, which may probably be the Galaxy S10. However, there are also whispers that it may not be the first smartphone to bear that technology. We might see it first, albeit distantly, in an upcoming device that will be released only in China. If the rumors are true, then we’ll see it in the supposedly mid tier Galaxy P1. But either way, we’re quite sure in-display fingerprint is coming soon.

A tweet from mostly reliable leakster MMDDJ said that the Galaxy P1 may become the first device to have that kind of sensor instead of the more common rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. This is a feature that a lot of users are asking for because it is much more convenient, not to mention ergonomic. And before they bring it to a flagship device, they might actually try it out on a mid-tier device like the rumored Galaxy P1, which is also rumored to be replacing the Galaxy J series and the first in the Galaxy P series.

Even though Samsung is a Korean company, it’s not really surprising that they will bring the technology to China first. This is because most of the devices that have in-display fingerprint sensors are exclusive to users in the country, like the Vivo NEX. It is also considered the biggest emerging market for electronic devices due to its large population and with a lot of OEMs coming from there as well.

While there’s still no confirmation from Samsung, it does match their new strategy of bringing new features to mid-range lines first before eventually releasing it for their flagship devices. Mobile division President DJ Koh said that they will be releasing a device later this year based on this strategy, so the Galaxy P1 might just be it.

As to when we will actually see this new smartphone and its in-display fingerprint sensor, the leakster wasn’t able to give us a clue. We’ll bring you news as soon as there are more substantial rumors.

VIA: SAM Mobile

via Android Community

September 7, 2018 at 01:04PM