Samsung may be releasing a $20 wireless charger for non-flagship devices


While you can probably get wireless chargers for cheap in some of the outlet electronics store in your mall, brands like Samsung don’t necessarily carry devices like that. It’s a bit understandable that they would sell higher-end devices since only their flagships can use them anyway and if you can afford a flagship, you’ll probably be able to buy an expensive wireless charger. So the fact that the Korean OEM may be introducing a cheaper version is pretty interesting and revealing.

Currently, only the more expensive flagship devices have support for wireless charging so it’s really not surprising that Samsung wireless chargers would go for around $50 or so. But news from a Korean tech news site is saying that they might be bringing a cheaper version that would just cost around $20 which is still relatively affordable (although you can get some generic one for $7 in some online stores).

Does this mean that Samsung is finally bringing wireless charging to its mid-tier and lower end devices? If the news about the cheaper wireless charger is true, then this is highly probable. A lot of people still prefer to use wired charging for various reasons, which includes the fact that only the higher end phones have it anyway. Introducing an affordable device for the more affordable phones is a good way to go about convincing people.

As for what will be different with this cheaper version, that is still to be determined. The news article said that it will have the same 9-10 watts as the current chargers that they have like the wireless charging duo and the wireless charging pad. It will probably be in the aesthetics and packaging where it will differ.

We can probably see this more affordable wireless charger when new versions of the Galaxy A or Galaxy J series come out, this time with wireless charging support. We’ll keep you posted if anything comes out of this.

VIA: ET News

via Android Community

October 4, 2018 at 04:24PM