Samsung may be bringing selfie focus to mid-tier, budget Galaxy devices


One of the favorite features of the Galaxy flagship devices for mobile photography enthusiasts is the selective focus mode. The ability to select which parts to blur and which to focus on even after taking the picture gives Instagram-ready shots a more artistic take. Now it looks like they’re bringing a slightly similar feature called selfie focus to mid-tier and even budget Galaxy smartphones. It may not be as awesome as the selective focus given the lower specs of these devices, but something is better than nothing.

We’ve already seen selfie focus in the Galaxy A 2017 versions so that users who did not want to upgrade to the Galaxy A8 or A8+ were still able to get that semi bokeh effect. Taking selfies with a blurred background became a thing for some time after it was introduced. Now it looks like they’re working on bringing it to budget devices as well, starting with the Galaxy On7 Prime that came out in India, adding selfie focus to its 13MP front-facing camera.

However, it is of course not as good as the selective focus. For one thing, it’s only for the selfie camera and cannot be used with the main rear camera. You also cannot change the area of focus after you’ve already taken the picture, unlike with selective focus where you can still adjust it. Since the processor and other specs in lower-end devices don’t pack the same power, they wouldn’t be able to process photos well if you applied selective focus.

Since a lot of people are more into taking selfies anyway, those looking at new mid-tier and budget Galaxy devices should be happy with the addition of selfie focus. As for those looking at the flagships, they have something to look forward to, camera-wise when the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are expected to be unveiled at an event on February 25.

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January 30, 2018 at 06:04AM