Samsung HeartWise takes care of your heart (and tells your doctor too)


As we all know by now, our heart is apparently a very fragile thing. In this case, we’re talking about physically. So if you’re participating in a doctor-recommended heart wellness program and if you have a Galaxy Gear S3, Samsung is bringing you a new tool to help you keep up and also keep your medical team updated. The Samsung HeartWise app brings “a whole new approach to heart wellness” by employing all your digital tools to help remind you and keep track of the things you need to do to get a healthier heart.

The three main features of the app are: Daily checklist, exercise tracker, and medication reminder. Those are pretty self-explanatory but here are a few details. The Daily Checklist not just reminds you of all the things your medical team has assigned for you to do daily, but it helps you keep track by ticking off those that you’ve already finished. This includes medication reminders, appointments, reading assignments, etc. The exercise tracker sees if you’re meeting your daily and weekly goals with your heart rate, exercise, and other health data that your Gear S3 can measure for you.

Lastly, your medication reminders are simply alarms for either your Gear S3 or connected smartphone to remind you to take your heart medication. Hospitals with participating clinical teams get all your data (with your permission of course) daily so that your weekly wellness phone call from them is up to date with all your progress.

You can download the Samsung HeartWise app from the Google Play Store for free. However, you need to have a Kaiser Permanente or SRA account to be able to use it. And it looks like they’re still fixing a few kinks and details on the app for now. But you can watch all the tutorial videos on the website if you need help using the app.

SOURCE: Samsung

via Android Community

December 11, 2017 at 05:01AM