Samsung Health’s new ‘Symptom Checker’ wants to help diagnose your medical problems using AI


It isn’t going to save your life, but it sure could ease your worries when things don’t feel right.

The Samsung Health app is about more than just tracking steps and bike rides — it’s actually more than just an app, as it’s also backed up by some super-useful services. The latest to debut on the platform is a feature called "Symptom Checker," which aims to help you get started with diagnosing medical problems you’re having and getting you set in the right direction to finding help.

It’s pretty simple: just relay whatever symptoms you’re experiencing into Samsung Health, and using artificial intelligence powered by Babylon Health the app can get you on track toward understanding what’s wrong (or not). Now of course the goal isn’t to try and pinpoint a specific problem in response to a basic set of questions, but it can provide you with some insight and give you further information and related symptoms to look for. After pulling in extra information about you, the AI-powered service will give you a range of likely causes. After reading up on each one, you can connect to a doctor online right away and get an expert opinion.

Samsung Health isn’t going to be able to do much to fix your medical issues, but this sure seems like a better course of action than tossing some disparate symptoms into a Google search and finding results for all sorts of horrible things that aren’t actually the problem. Because Samsung Health knows quite a bit about you already (assuming you’re using it regularly), and has a connection to real medical professionals, this could be a great tool for people who regularly use the platform and can be just a few taps away from interfacing with a doctor.

And just as a reminder, Samsung Health isn’t limited to Samsung phones — you can download it on just about any Android phone, and use it to its fullest extent. You’ll just need to use (or create) a Samsung Account for syncing purposes. Symptom Checker is rolling out to the Samsung Health app right away.

Download: Samsung Health (free)

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June 28, 2018 at 07:01AM