Samsung gets patent for wrap-around display for possible next smartphone


We’ve seen Samsung evolve the display of its flagship smartphones, from the original Galaxy Note Edge with its right side curve, to the dual side curves of the later Edge smartphones, to the Infinity Displays of the current flagships, the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and the Galaxy Note 8. Now they are possibly preparing for the next evolution of their display as they received the patent for a wrap-around display that may possibly see the light with future flagship devices.

The schematics for the patent show that not only do the information and controls move to the side, but even to about half of its back, hence the wrap-around display reference. They just passed the patent application this week but it was filed early last year in March 2016. In fact, the original patent application was for the “display device and method for controlling display image”, originally filed in March 2013. The one that received the patent is actually just for the ornamental design of the device.

Having the patent also doesn’t mean that the next Samsung flagship would have this kind of extraordinary display. This just means that if they do pursue this, at least they already have a plan and patent in place. Their description says it is a flexible display, with the first one having a flat shape and the second display “disposed on either side of the first display and has a curved surface bent at a boundary between the first and second displays.”

The upcoming Galaxy S9 is probably not the one that will use this tech, since it is expected to be announced from January – March and so they must already be in the final stages. How would you feel about a wrap-around display on your future smartphone?

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December 15, 2017 at 04:05AM