Samsung Galaxy S9’s most important features set the bar for 2018


Once again, it’s Samsung’s flagship smartphone stealing all the thunder. After HTC made an unsettling attempt to usurp the king in the camera department and Apple used Samsung’s own hardware to take honors of display supremacy, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is set to right all the wrongs.


The device is enjoying the highest marks ever received for both camera and display, from the technical review folks at DxOMark and DisplayMate, respectively.

The former component enjoys a score of 99, with the photo performance garnering an extremely impressive score of 104. It couldn’t get over that 100 hump thanks to a relatively low video score of 91, but that’s still pretty nuts.

On the display side, DisplayMate is once again awarding Samsung the title for best smartphone display, making it their third consecutive flagship device to receive the highest mark of A+ that the analysis firm awards to mobile displays.

You can find the details of the camera analysis here, where samples and detailed breakdowns of its capabilities await you. Those interested in the display details can find those right here.

via Phandroid

March 1, 2018 at 12:15PM