Samsung Galaxy S9’s improved iris scanner will be as secure as Face ID


One of the big new trends we’re about to see in smartphones is secure face unlock methods. Face unlock is certainly not new to Android phones, but it has never been as secure as a fingerprint. For example, you can use your fingerprint for mobile payments, but not your face. Apple’s Face ID is secure enough for those tasks. Now, Android OEMs are trying to do the same.

Samsung phones have had face unlock for a while. Starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, they have also included iris scanning. Samsung Pay can utilize the iris scanner, but no other banking apps can use it. A new report out of Korea claims the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have improved iris scanning that will be able to secure sensitive information, such as credit cards.

The iris scanner will be bumped up from 2MP to 3MP to capture clearer images. It will be able to recognize irises even through glasses or in very dark situations. Response time will also be improved. If the industry is truly moving away from fingerprint scanners, like Apple wants to do, then an improved iris scanner will be very important.

via Phandroid

December 11, 2017 at 07:56AM