Samsung Galaxy S8 with Oreo software pitted against Nougat, iPhone X


If you really want to go top of the line with an Android device, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is pretty much up there with any flagship phone other companies can offer. It’s gorgeous, it has robust specs, and it has features that would wow any user. The question is, will Oreo software speed it up some more? Speed tests are where it’s at for this article.

First up, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S8 with updated Android Oreo software versus one that runs the normal Android Nougat software. Since November, Android Oreo has been available for the Samsung Galaxy S8, albeit still in beta format. Apart from bringing in new features, Android Oreo is expected to improve the flagship’s performance. The video above confirms that it does that in convincing fashion.

Just for kicks, these same guys pitted the Android Oreo-powered Galaxy S8 against Apple’s iPhone X (“ten,” yes). As much as Android fanatics want to fight this, Apple’s A-series of processors usually kick Android’s behind when it comes to performance optimization. From the video above, it looks like the Galaxy S8 runs neck and neck with the iPhone X.

Just to remind you that these tests are done for fun, and there’s no real heavy science behind the tests. It’s just the old start-them-up-together test to see which one loads faster. In real world metrics though, we’re pretty impressed with how the Galaxy S8 performed here, especially with the new Oreo software.

via Android Community

November 21, 2017 at 10:06AM