Samsung Galaxy Note 9 looks bold in blue and yellow promo leak


A leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 image featuring a purple handset with gold stylus. @UniverseIce

  • Leaker Ice Universe has tweeted a photo purportedly showing off Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9.
  • The handset is seen in navy with a yellow stylus — colors previously teased in an official Samsung promo.
  • The design of the phone is also in keeping with previous Galaxy Note 9 leaks.

Leaker Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) has tweeted an image that appears to feature Samsung’s upcoming phablet, the Galaxy Note 9. The photo was published earlier today and, though its origin is unknown, it looks legit.

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The image shows a facedown phone in navy blue with what is presumed to be Samsung’s new S Pen stylus lying across its back. The handset includes a bottom-firing speaker, USB Type-C connector, pinhole mic, headphone port, and what is presumably the holder for the stylus.

The design marries up with previous leaks regarding the Note 9 design, including leaker @OnLeaks’ recent renders from June.

It looks like the kind of promo shot you might see in a magazine or poster. It’s not a retail box (it doesn’t have the right proportions and the towering device running out into the distance is a tad too dramatic for that), but the colors shown may represent a real Note 9 variant and not just poetic license (dark blue and gold were featured in Samsung’s official teaser for the device, seen below).

Samsung’s earlier Note series phones came in quite traditional colors with a matching stylus; this approach would be quite a departure for the South Korean manufacturer.

Invitation image for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch.

Whether this is a real Galaxy Note 9 promo, however, we can’t say for sure. Ice Universe has tweeted Samsung speculation in the past that has turned out to be fake. Don’t put too much stock in it, but what I would say is, if it’s a photoshop fake, it is a very accomplished one — I can believe Samsung’s marketing team came up with that.

via Android Authority

July 12, 2018 at 03:30AM