Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera freezing problem is getting a fix soon


Samsung fans may be focused right now on the Galaxy S10, foldable phone, and the Note 10 but we’re still interested about the Note 9. It still is the latest premium flagship offering from the South Korean tech giant and it will be a few months before it’s replaced by a new flagship. There have been several reports about Note 9’s camera freezing issue. It’s not exactly new since we heard about it immediately after market release. It’s an annoying problem because it happens while taking a photo.

The camera freezing issue is just one. Others have also reported lags while recording videos. We knew there’s an explanation for this but apparently, only the Snapdragon Note 9 variant experiences such problems. The Exynos model doesn’t have this, at least, based on the complaints among the consumers in the US.

Freezing also happens in other apps so we can assume this is a common problem. It’s not concentrated on just the camera but happens with other mobile apps as well. Early solutions provided include clearing the system partition cache. Firmware updates were released but they didn’t really fix the problem.

A few months too late, Samsung is releasing an official fix. It’s not ready yet but a Samsung forum moderator confirmed it’s coming. This means the camera freezing on the Galaxy Note 9 may soon be a thing of the past. Let’s just wait and see.


via Android Community

November 22, 2018 at 09:00PM