Samsung Galaxy Experience Program debuts to convince iPhone fans


Samsung Mobile’s biggest rival of all time is Apple. No doubt the two has been fighting head-to-head in the premium smartphone category. The Samsung Galaxy S competes with any new iPhone the Cupertino company releases. Apple recently launched it’s 10th iPhone model–the iPhone X–while the South Korean tech giant has the new Galaxy Note 8. Both phones are receiving a lot of positive feedback.

We’re certain the Android community prefers the Galaxy Note 8 over the iPhone X. Many people cannot just afford the Samsung phone so they get the more affordable, budget-friendly mid-range devices. There are those who switch between the two depending on their needs but for Samsung, the company is determined to keep its fans by coming up with better products.

The company may have lost its luster for some time as shown by sales going down a few months ago. No thanks to the Note 7 fiasco that has deeply wounded the brand. Good thing though the Galaxy S8, S8+, and the Note 8 have helped in bringing Samsung its much-needed boost.

To further improve the numbers, Samsung is launching the Galaxy Experience Program. This is an effort to introduce the hardcore Apple fanboys and fangirls the chance to test the Galaxy Note for at least a month. Samsung’s goal is to get them to the Dark Side switch and buy a Note 8.

Samsung’s Upgrade to Galaxy program is only available in South Korea, at least, for now. We’re crossing our fingers it will also be launched in other key markets like the United States. We’re assuming it will be ready in other countries but it will still depend on the response of the South Koreans.

To join the program, you must apply online. Submit an application to Samsung until November 27, Monday. Only 10,000 Apple users will be picked to test a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or a Galaxy S8. The device can be collected starting December 1 until December 11 from a select Samsung Digital Plaza store.

The program isn’t totally free. You need to pay $45 but will be refunded if you decided to buy the smartphone. If you switch to Samsung, you will also be given discounts on others accessories and Bluetooth speakers.

SOURCE: Samsung

via Android Community

November 22, 2017 at 03:01AM