Samsung Flow app brings Gear watch support, Smart View to mirror display


The Samsung Flow app claims that it will bring you a “seamless, secure, connected experience” across your devices, but currently, it’s not as useful yet for many users. While it can let you unlock your computer with your phone, use it as a hotspot between devices, and quickly transfer files, we’re hoping it will do more with every update. The latest one should be able to let your Gear smartwatch unlock your PC and also mirror your smartphone’s display onto your computer with Smart Display.

If you have a Gear 3 or Gear Sport smartwatches, you will now be able to unlock your PC or tablet and also handle notifications on your wearable from your computer. Your PC will have to be running on Windows 10 while your Android tablet has to be on Marshmallow and above. The smartwatch has to already be on Tizen 3.0 or newer. The problem is that the Gear app update hasn’t been released yet so you can’t really test it fully for now.

If you want to mirror your smartphone’s display onto a bigger screen like your PC, laptop or tablet, you will also now be able to do so through the Smart View feature of the Samsung Flow app. The same conditions have to apply (except for the Gear items obviously) so you can use not just this feature but the whole Flow app.

Update it to the latest version which is 3.0 so you can try out the new features. If the update isn’t available yet, you can also download the app from the APK Mirror but there are no guarantees it will work with unsupported devices.

VIA: Android Police

via Android Community

April 18, 2018 at 09:05AM