Samsung Exynos processors may soon appear in ZTE and other phones


Qualcomm dominates the mobile processor market, but Samsung wants to change that.

Samsung is one of the biggest names when it comes to Android smartphones, but when you look specifically at the processors that power them, the conversation changes. Qualcomm has dominated the mobile chipset market for years now, but it would appear that Samsung’s interested in doing something about that.

According to a report from Reuters, Samsung’s beginning talks with ZTE and other OEMs to supply its Exynos processors to Android phones other than its own.

As it stands, Samsung’s Exynos chips are only found in Galaxy phones in certain parts of the world and select Meizu smartphones (Samsung’s only client right now). However, Samsung’s Head Logic Chip Developer recently said that the company’s "talking to all OEMs" about supplying the Exynos line to more and more brands – one of which being ZTE.

Samsung’s getting ready to hit Qualcomm where it hurts.

The Department of Commerce issued a Denial Order against ZTE in mid-April, resulting in a seven-year ban that prevents it from using any exported hardware or software products from the U.S. Although President Trump has said he’s working on helping ZTE rise above this, it’s since halted all of its major business operations.

However, by being able to use processors from Korea-based Samsung, this could prove to be a welcome light at the end of a dark tunnel for ZTE.

Samsung has a lot of work ahead of itself before it can compete directly with the likes of Qualcomm and Apple when it comes to mobile processors, but these early steps are moves in the right direction.

What phones would you like to see powered by Exynos processors?

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May 16, 2018 at 07:13AM