Samsung Exynos mobile processor chips coming to ZTE devices, other OEMs


Samsung already has the Exynos processor line since around 2011, powering dozens of Galaxy smartphones. It’s been trying to take on the Snapdragon but it’s been quite a challenge. The South Korean tech giant isn’t slowing down anytime soon when it comes to coming up with new SoCs. The last one we featured was the Exynos 7 Series 9610 mobile processor and the Exynos 7872 which was first used on the Meizu M6s. Initially, Exynos was exclusive for Samsung phones but the company is starting to offer it to other OEMs.

The tech giant is believed to be striking up conversations with other OEMs to deliver mobile processors. ZTE is just one brand but it already follows Meizu. Samsung is in the business of logic chips and makes automotive chips, image sensors, and mobile processors. In a move to make more profit, Samsung is advancing its efforts to develop, market, and sell its Exynos products to more device manufacturers.

Samsung System LSI’s Inyup Kang said, “We are talking to all OEMs.” In case you didn’t know, Kang was a former executive at Qualcomm so he knows what he’s doing. He also mentioned a new OEM will use Exynos but will reveal next year.

We’re almost certain about ZTE using Exynos chips because it’s been facing problems in the United States. It was sanctioned for lying to the US government. As a result, ZTE devices are banned from being marketed in US military bases. It’s about to cease operations of main business due to U.S sanctions. There’s still a silver lining, though, as President Trump has ordered the Commerce Department to help out ZTE. Because of all these, ZTE is seeking to diversify suppliers and that’s where Samsung comes in.

There is no official deal yet but the possibility will bring more profits to Samsung–both the smartphone business and the System LSI business that makes the logic chips. Samsung is currently third behind Qualcomm and Apple but Huawei is working its way up the rankings with the HiSilicon chips being used in its flagship phones. Huawei devices are fast-selling despite being challenged in the US so the future of Huawei mobile chips is bright.

Samsung is also believed to be working to explore new businesses like 5G and automotive. The company may soon be working with Audi to deliver Exynos chips.

VIA: Reuters

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May 17, 2018 at 01:31AM