Samsung devices will now have Spotify pre-installed


It wasn’t just the announcement of new devices at the Unpacked Event earlier this week that caught people’s attention. Part of the event was also about Samsung and Spotify’s new cross-device music partnership and if you’re a huge fan of the music streaming giant and you’re planning to buy a new Samsung device soon, then this is good news for you. The Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy Home, and other future devices will now come with Spotify pre-installed and that seems to just be the beginning of their partnership.

When you first set up your Samsung phone, Spotify will now be part of the “on-boarding process”. Aside from being asked to log in to your Google account and also personalizing some of your settings, you will also now be asked to either log in to your existing Spotify account or sign up for one if you haven’t yet. This is great for those who use Spotify anyway but may also be annoying for those who prefer other services like Pandora or iHeart Radio or Google Play Music.

Part of their partnership is also Bixby integration. Even if you choose not to install the music app or if you’ve never had an account in the first place, if you ask the voice assistant for music-related stuff, Spotify is the default service that they’ll search through. Bixby will also be delivering music recommendations, new suggested playlists, and other features from the music streaming service that will probably be coming soon.

You will also be able to link your Smart TV to Spotify through SmartThings. If you have multiple speakers in different rooms, you can also play music through the app and bring it to wherever you are in the house or office (well, as long as there’s a connected speaker of course). When the Samsung Galaxy Home eventually comes out, Spotify will become even more important as it seems to be positioned more as a listening device with smart capabilities.

Spotify Connect is the tool you’ll need to help you shift playback around devices. For example, if someone is listening on mobile then goes into a room with WiFi connection, they can move the playback from the mobile screen itself without having to go to the app. Let’s see what more they have in store for this partnership.

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August 10, 2018 at 08:57AM