Samsung Chromebook Plus v2: Why you’ll want one


Chromebooks are here to say. Ever since Google announced the first Chromebooks back in 2012, we haven’t stopped checking for new models because we’re interested to know the latest and more powerful ones that can probably replace our expensive laptops. One of the few brands we trust is Samsung as it is also one of the first to release Chrome OS-powered notebooks. We remember the $99 Samsung Series 5 Chromebook that introduced us to a more affordable mobile computing experience.

Chromebooks have long evolved to become more powerful solutions. We know them as less inexpensive choices but there are now premium models that can very well be considered as your main workhorse. Chromebooks are Chrome OS on-the-go and thank heavens for Samsung as it continues to deliver innovation that is worth buying.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus gets a follow-up in the form of the Samsung Chromebook Plus v2. This new Chromebook model promises a more powerful processor, built-in pen, plus selfie and main cameras. It’s more of a hybrid device as it works as a notebook and tablet in one. Use it as a laptop for easier typing but if you want to run Android apps, take advantage of the touchscreen-enabled display.

As described, the Samsung Chromebook Plus (V2) offers “versatility, portability and a premium experience” at a price you can afford. With all the Chromebooks available in the market, you’ll wonder why you’d want a new one from the South Korean tech giant. Here are some reasons why you’ll want one:

Stylus Experience
There aren’t many Chromebooks that offer support for stylus but the new Samsung Chromebook Plus promises more precision and power. Feel free to write a note, draw an idea, sign a document, or edit a file on this Chromebook with a stylus. You can also edit images or text, as well as, crop screenshots as needed.

Premium Design
The Samsung Chromebook Plus (V2) isn’t a cheapo. The $499 price tag isn’t exactly affordable to most consumers but the device is good enough. With the specs and features, it is ready to work as your main computer. It can endure dust and some spills and can be used to easily share files and store passwords with the Smart Lock.

More Storage
The Chromebook comes with a 32GB built-in storage but a microSD card will extend the memory up to 400GB. The bigger the storage, the more files you can save. All those photos, music, and documents don’t always have to go to the cloud if you can save them locally on your notebook.

More Power
From ARM, Samsung has decided to use an Intel processor. It may be a little more expensive but it’s definitely faster. It runs both Chrome OS and offers support for Android apps. In the future, it can also load Linux. With the change in processor, the battery also lasts longer.

The rear and front-facing cameras may not be the most powerful but they work decently so you can do video calls with clients, family, and friends. These cams keep you connected with people. You see, you don’t have to settle on just typing messages and missives when you can actually talk and do video chats.

SOURCE: Samsung

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June 15, 2018 at 12:36AM