Run Windows software on a Linux or Mac computer with CrossOver17 [DEALS]


Wish you could run your favorite Windows app on a Linux or Mac computer? You can with CrossOver17, offered with savings of 52% off the regular price of $39.95 for a limited time. CrossOver17 makes it easy to run Windows software on Linux or Mac systems. Just install your selected software title as normal and run it right from the native desktop environment, no Windows license required. Just purchase the version of CrossOver17 that’s right for you.

Do you enjoy the stability that Linux offers but lament the relatively miniscule selection of software titles? Do you just prefer a Mac computer? Then this app is definitely for you. It integrates seamlessly into your operating system’s environment, allows for quick software installs, and runs programs faster than a Windows PC ever could.

Pick up CrossOver17 for either Linux or Mac computers and pay just $19 at Android Community Deals.

via Android Community

December 12, 2017 at 11:02AM