Rumor: Razer Phone 2 coming August with Project Linda


  • The Razer Phone 2 might arrive at this year’s IFA conference, beginning August 31, according to speculation.
  • It’s said to be arriving alongside the final version of Razer’s Project Linda.
  • Razer tends to put on a big show at IFA, so it would be a smart place to show off its latest products.

Razer’s first smartphone was released last year and we consider it a handsome device that certainly doesn’t tarnish the good Razer name. It did suffer from some “first phone” problems, though, like poor optimization resulting in battery and camera disappointments.

A Razer Phone sequel could be a chance for the company to improve these areas however, and, according to recent speculation, we might just get one at the next IFA.

The report arrives via FrAndroid from a “well-informed internal source,” although further details about what the device would offer weren’t commented on. IFA is one of the world’s biggest technology shows and in 2018 it will take place between August 31 and September 5, no doubt seeing many major announcements across the week. Razer typically has quite a large space booked at show, so it would be the perfect place to unveil a new handset.

It would be slightly early in the 12-month release cycle, though, as the last handset was announced at the beginning of November.

Meanwhile, FrAndroid says the handset may also arrive alongside Project Linda. This is a Razer venture that turns its smartphone into the brains of a laptop computer. We’ve actually been hands-on with an early version this tech at CES, but Razer wasn’t talking price or release date details at the time.

While we’re still waiting to hear more on this, but one last interesting detail FrAndroid mentioned was that the Razer supposedly developed that CES demo in just one month. If that’s all it took to create the exciting, potentially groundbreaking system we tried, who knows what the Razer team can do between now and September.

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via Android Authority

January 19, 2018 at 04:24AM