Rovo89 gives an update for Xposed on Oreo, new version released


Users of Xposed Framework are pretty used to the waiting already, but still it’s nice to hear from the developer himself – rovo89. It usually takes a lot of time to port the modular Xposed Framework from one version of Android to another, and waiting for Xposed on Oreo will not be any different.

Xposed’s developer rovo89 says that he is pretty far along with porting Xposed Framework to Android Oreo. He posted an update on his XDA thread for Xposed, saying that “95% of the code are ported” to Oreo. Of course, the 5 percent that is left are the parts that are difficult to port, so you will expect a bit of wait time for Xposed to finally be released for Oreo.

That said, the developer is releasing another update to Xposed Framework, and this will be version v89. It’s available for Android 5.0 to 7.1 and according to rovo89, this update “contains quite a few fixes for app crashes.”

He says that this latest update has delayed his work on porting to Oreo. That said, he says he is also glad that he caught some bugs with the current version, as it will help in making the transition to Oreo that much smoother.


via Android Community

December 19, 2017 at 05:33PM