Roamit app lets you quickly transfer files from Android to Windows


You may be enjoying your Android phone and tablet for both personal and work use but sometimes you’d wish you can just easily sync them with your Windows-powered laptop. Cross-platform isn’t always easy especially between Windows and Android but there’s an app for that. Roamit is a new program that allows one to synchronize clipboard content, share links, and share files via Wi-Fi. With Roamit, you can now connect your Android device and Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile-powered computer.

Roamit isn’t an official app developed by Microsoft but it’s now available on the Play Store for FREE. Developer KandH made sure this app can be used on all Android devices. It allows web continuity so you can read web pages on your phone, tablet, or Xbox. All you need is a local network and the app to share files and photos between your smartphone and other devices. If you need to share some files, you can do so from the app to any other device that supports the system.

Making the easy-sharing function possible is the universal clipboard that copies data from phone to PC or vice-versa. You don’t even have to launch the app because everything will be mirrored for a more seamless clipboard experience as described. The app integrates with the Share menu so content can be shared from just about any app. The content can then be accessed from any device.

The app was previously offered at a price but now it’s free and open source. Upgrade to get the other features by availing of the $0 In-App-Purchase.

Download Roamit from the Google Play Store

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January 2, 2018 at 04:05AM