Ring launches Neighbors App to help stop burglaries, prevent theft


Earlier in February, we learned Amazon was acquiring the Ring smart doorbell maker with the intention to boost safety in deliveries. The top e-commerce site finalized the acquisition and was soon ready to fight neighborhood crime. Today, we’re seeing one of the move’s first efforts–the Neighbors by Ring app. This mobile app was developed to help reduce crime in neighborhoods. It helps fight crime and violence by providing a platform for people to receive safety and crime alerts in real-time. The information will be shared by your neighbors so everyone will know what’s happening.

The Neighbors App lets you make the most of Ring security cameras and video doorbells. You will only see the outside of your home but the information provided and shown on the app can be helpful. The Ring App already has the Neighborhoods feature but Neighbors is now a standalone app. Just check Neighbors if you want to know what’s new in your community.

One of Ring’s main goals is to make the communities safe by preventing package theft and stopping burglaries.

The app is a platform where photos, videos, and messages are shared. It’s not where you can read the latest gossip but just check if there is anything suspicious in the area.

Download Neighbors by Ring from the Google Play Store

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May 10, 2018 at 01:31AM