Report: Huawei aiming for foldable phone first, eyeing November launch


It seems like the entire industry is working on foldable phone devices of some kind, and Huawei is hoping to make headlines by being first.

This is according to a report from ET Times (via PhoneArena), alleging that Huawei is targeting a November launch window. It adds that the Chinese brand is opting for an “inward” folding design, while Samsung is working on a “fold back” form factor.

The publication suggests that LG Display will be making the screens for Huawei, in lieu of OLED kingpin Samsung Display. Furthermore, ET Times says it’s not confirmed whether the phone will be available in quantity after the reveal, as Huawei might use initial consumer opinions to shape the production models.

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It’s not the first time we’ve seen foldable phones in the limelight though. ZTE previously launched its Axon M smartphone, although this doesn’t have a flexible display, being made up of two screens instead. Nevertheless, Samsung, LG, OPPO, ZTE and others have all been working on the technology in some form.

In Samsung’s case, there have been reports of a foldable phone for years now. At MWC 2018, mobile head DJ Koh said the company was taking its time to polish the form factor and experience, declining to give a release date.

via Android Authority

April 12, 2018 at 08:36AM