Reply still not out of beta but update brings smart toolbar, other features


Area 120, Google’s incubator for promising apps and products, released Reply a few weeks ago, although it’s still not out for public consumption and is still in beta. We can already see how it will compliment Android P’s revamp to notifications and now the latest update for those who are able to access this brings several new features and brings back some that disappeared in the previous update. You also get a slight visual redesign since you now have a new red icon and a revamped logo, plus some minor changes.

For notifications that have a smart reply option from Reply, you’ll get a bigger almost full-screen interface that opens the keyboard so you can immediately type in your reply. You also get a toolbar at the bottom with four options: Remind me at work, Remind me at home, Remind me in an hour, and Send to. It also actually integrates with the Google app and Assistant instead of just in the Reply app, leading you to the native Search interface while the Send to forwards a message through the system Share sheet.

The beta update also returns some of the features that disappeared in the previous update. You get back your Automatic Replies (Activity reply, Vacation responder, and Urgency) as well as your location suggestions. Another new feature is the “clean up notifications” option where you can remove all the notifications from a particular app. This is pretty useful for apps that you don’t really need to be notified about.

If you’re in the Reply beta program, you can update now to version 1.0.196197167 to see all these features. However, no time table has been given yet as to when it will be available in public beta.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google

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May 14, 2018 at 03:04AM