Remove Bixby button permanently, find out how here


Samsung’s Bixby has always been an interesting topic. It’s not exactly a favorite but every time we discuss the voice assistant feature, we learn something new. Oftentimes, they’re not exactly good but we believe the South Korean tech giant can make it more exciting and functional. We’re looking forward to more apps and skills as the developers now have the Samsung Bixby SDK. While waiting for such Bixby apps, you may want to try what the Bixby button can do for you.

There are default functions but you are free to use a remapper. The Bixby 2.0 button was earlier reported impossible to be disabled on the Galaxy Note 9 but has since been solved.

Bixby is being updated regularly as Samsung acquired a new AI startup. More functions and features will still be added in the coming months but there may be people who don’t want to do anything with it.

Others prefer to remap the Bixby button because they don’t want to talk to Bixby. The Google Assistant may be preferred or there is no use for it. For those who want to remove it completely, there is a solution.

Thanks to Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything for the tip. Watch the video below:

Zack said you only need to “cut off the little niblet down at the bottom”. It’s that part that presses the Bixby button inside of the smartphone.

Samsung Bixby

A razor blade can cut off the small piece then just return the button to cover the area. The Bixby Button should no longer work this time. It’s that easy.

via Android Community

September 13, 2018 at 07:04AM