Reddit updates app with moderator tools, better user interface


There are about a thousand and one apps that Reddit users could use to experience Reddit on their smartphones. But Reddit seems to be trying to attract more of its online users to its official client app. The web forum has just announced a major update on its app, with a lot of new features and a big boost for moderators to help them with what they do on Reddit.

Reddit confirmed that its priority for this update was to help Reddit moderators, which is why mod tools are the highlight for this update. There is a set of new features to make moderating Reddit’s communities from a smartphone a lot easier – the first of which is a dedicated “Mod Mode,” which will let moderators approve, reject, or flag content.

Additional features for this update include a number of user-focused features as well. One of these is the new “Theater Mode” for photos, gifs, and videos. This mode gives redditors what Reddit calls a “visual-first experience of their favorite communities,” but you have to see that to know how it works.

If you’re using the official Reddit app already, make sure that you update it so that you can experience these new features. If you’re using another Reddit client, it might be worth your time to check out the official app via the download link below.

SOURCE: Reddit
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

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December 19, 2017 at 03:54PM