Reddit ‘solves’ OnePlus clipboard information mystery, Chinese online shopping the cause


So a lot of people got worried when it was reported that the OnePlus 3T was capturing clipboard data and sending it out to a Chinese server. From the onset, this seemed like a breach of privacy – and it is not the first time OnePlus has been in the middle of similar controversies. We’re glad that some Redditors actually took time to look at the data that was being sent out, and explanations weren’t far behind once the data had been fleshed out.

OnePlus seems like a pretty above-board company to us, and they don’t seem the type to break consumer privacy that way. Still, if their devices are sending out user-generated information to third-party servers, that would be a cause for concern. Fortunately, two things happened. First, a Redditor actually took time to look at what type of data was being sent – and it turned out that these were “URLEncoded form posts to a URL at containing info such as an app_key, method name, version.” The good news is that there was no actual clipboard data included.

The second thing was that a Chinese Redditor actually explained the data that was sent. The short version is that OnePlus, being a China-based company, has Chinese programmers who think it normal for smartphone software to watch out Taobao online shopping codes so that it can turn it into links. This is because Chinese users usually copy coded tokens off the WeChat app that correspond to Taobao online market items. See his full explanation via this Reddit post.

The explanation actually makes sense and this may look harmless, but OnePlus might miss the point that not all users need or want this process. It’s still data being sent out without user permission, and it would be great if the company resolved this issue forthwith.

SOURCE: Reddit

via Android Community

January 15, 2018 at 04:03AM