RED Hydrogen One smartphone specs leaked, pre-orders shipping this week


The RED Hydrogen One phone is coming. Oh, we’re certain about its arrival now that we’ve seen a technology overview. Not that previous reports aren’t enough to convince us but learning pre-orders are about to ship give us assurance the long-anticipated smartphone is for real. It’s been over a year since the RED Hydrogen One launched as the world’s first holographic media machine but we have yet to see a unit. A prototype shown was off in a video which made us excited to see the full 4-View holography.

Several things happened along the way. Back in January, we were told the Hydrogen One holographic phone would ship by summer. It was delayed again and then was said to be ready soon from AT&T and VerizonPre-registration was opened but new issues were encountered as it hit the FCC last August.

The RED Hydrogen One was almost ready (again) and were told Houdini developer units would ship next. And then a few weeks ago, the Titanium RED Hydrogen One was noted to be still not ready. We were left wondering about the fate of the Hydrogen One or if it will ever see the light.

Pre-orders are reported to have started shipping this week according to philhollandphfx. He shared an image of the Red Hydrogen One phone with its specs and features listed.

The RED HYDROGEN ONE phone specs are as follows: a 5.72-inch 2D and Holographic H4V LCD screen, 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, 515 ppi, Gorilla Glass protection, A3D Spatial Surround Sound, front-facing speakers, 8.3MP selfie camera, ambient light and proximity sensor, LED notification sensor, front fingeprint scanner, 12.3MP rear camera with LED flash and flashlight, USB Type C port, and a 4500mAh battery. Design-wise, the phone boasts knurled ergonomic scalloped grips, and rugged aluminum and Kevlar construction. There’s also a modular expansion pogo connector that supports other mobile accessories.

via Android Community

October 18, 2018 at 02:05AM