Razer Phone has problems with screen dimming, camera filters and the fingerprint sensor


You’ll never get an Android phone that’s completely problem free at launch, or even months later (just ask Google). And given that the Razer Phone is the first such device from the gaming hardware company, news that it is experiencing some issues is even less surprising.

According to tech site PiunikaWeb (via XDA Developers), owners of the device are reporting several problems with it right now, chief among them: display dimming, automatic filters and a strange fingerprint scanner bug.

Apparently, when using a camera app — presumably the native one, though it isn’t clear which one(s) in particular — users have noticed that filters have been applied to some photos, despite them being disabled. Neither updating the device to the latest version, nor factory resetting it, has helped fix the problem.

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Meanwhile, the display is said to decrease in brightness after “about a half hour of gaming.” Some Android phones automatically dim the display when the battery gets low as part of the inbuilt energy saving features, but as this has been raised by Razer Phone users as a bug, we assume that this isn’t what’s happening in this scenario.

As for the fingerprint sensor, this has suddenly stopped working for some users, before the fingerprint security option disappeared entirely from the “settings” menu.

Razer has been made aware of these issues and a member of the team has said that new factory images will be released “soon” — we’re guessing that fixes for at least some of the problems discussed here will be included. As for when these will appear, exactly, or when a corresponding OTA will roll out, we can’t say.

In related news, if you’re looking for some games to play at 120Hz on your device, Razer just published a list of compatible titles — check them out at the link.

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January 5, 2018 at 01:16AM