Qlone 3D scanning app now available for Android


3D scanning is something that most Android users – until the release of Google’s ARCore – still didn’t know about. And that’s understandable, since there is no easy way to do 3D scanning on your phone, unless you had one of those developer kits from the old Project Tango. With the recent release of ARCore, a lot more people are experiencing 3D through augmented reality (AR) elements. Maybe it’s time for people to start 3D scanning with their own phones – and that’s where the new Qlone app comes in.

Qlone was initially released for iOS, but the app is now available for a few Android devices. Qlone was initially an easy way to scan regular items and make them ready for 3D printing. On Android – and with the release of ARCore – scanning everyday items and putting them on AR backgrounds can be a little bit of fun, especially if you can share these on social media.

A preview version of the Qlone app can be installed on smartphones that support ARCore, and the developers are still planning to add more devices to the support list. With the app, you can now scan everyday objects and overlay it on your environment with the AR button (which uses ARCore technology). You can also export your scanned items as animated GIF files and share them on social media.

If your phone supports ARCore, then you can immediately install the preview version of the Qlone app. If you don’t have support for ARCore yet, you may have to wait a bit to get Qlone running.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

via Android Community

March 7, 2018 at 10:05PM