PUBG Mobile teases upcoming Resident Evil 2 crossover


Capcom and PUBG Corp. announced a crossover event for PUBG Mobile and released a brief teaser trailer that you can watch above.

The trailer is scant on details and does not say when the crossover event will be available. We can at least guess that the event will coincide will Resident Evil 2’s January 25, 2019 release for consoles and PC.

We can also guess that the event will feature Resident Evil-inspired in-game skins and gear for PUBG Mobile players. The event might even introduce a zombie-centric game mode, though we can only guess at this point.

The Resident Evil 2 crossover follows a year that also saw Mission Impossible: Fallout and Suicide Squad crossover events in PUBG Mobile. The two previous crossovers introduced themed challenges, special in-game rewards, new skins, and more.

There is a possibility that the Resident Evil 2 crossover will last longer than the Mission Impossible and Suicide Squad crossovers, but we are not yet sure. We will update this article once we learn more about the upcoming crossover.

via Android Authority

December 3, 2018 at 05:13PM