PSA: Gestures aren’t turned on in Android P by default


Google’s not forcing you to swipe quite yet.

Android P is almost here, and one of its biggest features is the new navigation gestures. The new gestures are a welcome touch, but if you can’t live without your Home, Back, and Recents buttons, you’ve got nothing to fear.

When you update your phone to Android P, the gestures are turned off by default. If you want to enable them, you’ve got to go to Settings -> System -> Gestures -> Swipe up on Home button.

We can’t say for certain if Android P’s gestures will still be turned off by default with newer phones like the Pixel 3, but even if they aren’t, you’ll still be able to toggle them off if you really can’t stand them.

The gestures are at least worth checking out so you can get a feel for Google’s vision of Android in 2018, and while they still aren’t perfect, we’re excited to see how they improve down the road.

Do you plan on using Android P’s gestures?

Android P’s gestures are a jagged pill you should learn to swallow

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July 16, 2018 at 08:06AM