Project Fi spreads holiday cheer with a game, special prize awaits


We’re doing our countdown for Christmas and to kick off the holiday season, Google’s Project Fi team is announcing a number of great deals for the whole Android community. A short and sweet poem was written to entice the consumers to hopefully get a new phone and get on with the Project Fi bandwagon. This isn’t an ordinary gimmick as you need to play a game first before you can get a prize.

The end is a surprise. We don’t know the prize but we’re expecting everything will be worth it. Make sure you are signed in to your Google account before you play and so you can easily see what’s there.

The game will remind you of the classic computer game ‘Ski Free’. Move your mouse left and right to avoid the obstacles while going down the snow mountain. Check out for the pine trees, logs, and bumps that may be in the way. Pass through those yellow arrow tracks so you can speed up going down.

See for yourself how fast you can reach the end. Set your own high score and try to beat it every time. We know it’s gonna be one happy holiday for most of us and Google wants you to experience the same.

Start the game HERE

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)

via Android Community

December 11, 2017 at 11:06PM